How do I do climb down

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  • yeah it might help that's what I did last time I worked with a lot of animations because it can give you a clear view of exactly what your character can do at any given time for instance

    you could map everything out like this beforehand might help you visualize exactly what your character should be able to do depending on the state he's in

  • I tried adding an instance variable called state and used different numbers to replace the booleans but it didn't seem to work. Nothing was being activated.

    Now, for the animation flowchart, I did one, but my problem is mostly the way to accomplish it rather than the order.

    I thought it was going to be easy since I had done the climb system but I was wrong lol.

    Even if I switch to another key for drop down it still gets the same issue.

  • I was looking at this problem again and I think we agree that they're both being activated because the players falling so I thought what makes the player start falling so move all of your move player code under your animation finish as sub events keep the conditions, However you might need a reference to the object climb detect

  • Climbing down could be triggerd by ....

    Is falling

    Is by wall


    Also means if it hit a wall by falling after a jump, it climbs down the wall. But is that bad ?

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  • I dont understand your solution, sorry

    99Instances2Go when falling since there's an invisible sprite it triggers grab ledge and climbing. What Im trying to do is to have grab ledge to be different when jumping to it and when dropping from a ledge.

    You can see in this .gif what happens.

    It should instead trigger the same animation as when climbing but in reverse.

  • Im thinking I could perhaps add an instance variable to the sprite that detects ledges which would have a value of 1 if going up and 2 if going down (pressing up or down input)?

  • If 'jumping' makes the difference. Set a boolean on jump. Unset the boolean on vector y=0, on land, and on grab to climb.

    If the boolean is set = climb up, else it is climb down.


    Not that i understand that. In my mind, climb up should follow on a vector y > 0 and is by wall. Dont think you need the helper object. (there is to much room in my mind). Climb up should follow on vector y < 0 and is by wall.

    I must be missing something ?

  • is because of the animations, I use one for grabbing ledge, one for climbing and one from standing up.

    When grabbing a ledge I can fall after a certain lapse of time, so this complicated my life lol. Now, Climbing up works perfectly, but now if I reach the top of the ledge and I want to climb down, then there's problems. the closer I got to it is what you see in the .gif.

  • And using jump wont work because I have long distance grabs that are missed if I use jump boolean instead.

  • Could you drop a summier capX with just the platform & the animations? I would like (without promissing anything) to play with it.

  • Yes no problem, when Ill be back at home this evening Ill get something fast.

  • 99Instances2Go, I sent you a pm with the link. Thanks for taking a look

  • So finally based on what 99Instances did I got to make it work just fine. Actually I changed some stuff. Put gravity to zero and trigger animation after that event so it could work better.

    here what it looks like:

    Now I'm fighting with a small issue though. Idle boolean is not being set to False since Player Controller is not moving. Even if I force it to false, it stills true.

    It works though, but I think this is the reason why I had to do a bit of a hack to make it work.

  • I had a hard time to figure out that the 'idle' animation kept kicking in.

    I forgot the logic by now, but, can you set the idle boolean 'on animation ended' animation > the climb up animation ?

  • I tried and didn't work, so I opted for when ftDetect (the sprite positioned at the feet) is not overlapping the floor collision object. That did the trick.

    I'm still full of question as why even if Player is locked into a position when grabbing a ledge, when I release the key its moves one pixel backwards.

    Also, I had to set a 40 pixels difference when positioning the Player Controller on the Ledge. Still cant figure out that difference. My project its haunted lol

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