Clicking "look" and recieving text on objects

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  • Hello all, I'm in need of help with a point and click if possible...

    I have an event where I touch, "Look" however the problem I am having is clicking on something after that to get text to display for various objects within the room, I have an invisible box set over "Look" that when clicked changes the word "Look" to red, waits 0.2 seconds and turns back to blue so I know that selecting the command is working. So far I have tried...

    (these three tries were added as sub-events after the player touches "Look")

    setting boolean to true on "Look"

    while "Look" is true, Is touch object "TV"

    set "tvText" to visible from invisible.

    Touch, Is touching TV, tvText Set Visible.

    I have also tried simply setting the text area to visible and moving it to Layer 0, behind everything else, click Look, click TV, move text to the highest layer.

    I don't have a touch screen so I have no idea if I am messing myself up, for all I know I need to touch "Look" and "TV" at the same time based on what I have tried to do (which I don't want). Sorry for a wall of text and thank you!

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  • update so no one troubles themselves with this, I set the TV to be clicked (shiny sprite so the player knows it clickable), it pops up icons (eye, hand etc.) that when clicked pops up information then resets the layout ... not sure if layout reset will work in the long run but it's working for now.

    Thanks to all who viewed, I'm sure I'll sort out the problem in my first post come the next two or three games if I go that route ever again :P.

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