How do I click on 1 single object???

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  • <font size="4">Hello,

    <font size="3">*Is this impossible for me to figure out?*</font>

    I'm making a simple carnival shooter game. I'm trying to make a combo system where if you click on the target it adds 1 to "Combo" variable. And if you click on the background(missed the target) it sets "Combo" to 0. Simple right?

    Well not for

    <img src="" border="0" />


    <img src="" border="0" />

    So instead of doing what it says, it sets the combo to 1..each time I click on a target. So that means it's clicking both the target and the background(which sets it back to 0). So my combo displays 1 every time instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..etc!

    Can anyone help? I honestly been sitting here forever trying to figure this out....

    I don't know how to upload games yet & it's late so this is what it looks like...

    <img src="" border="0" />

    ..and it will stay at "combo x1" no matter what. Yes the combo works just like the score when I take off the "on-touched tiled background" condition.</font>

  • Try in the second one with the tiled background to add an inverted "on touched sprite"

    So it only resets when it hits the background and not a sprite, and see if that works.

    You can just copy/paste the condition from the first one and invert that.

    Not sure that will work, since they are both "green arrows" so you might need to use an "is not over sprite" condition if there is one for touch.

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  • How about something like this:

    +On any left click

    +Mouse is not overlapping sprite

    • > Reset combo

    Just invert a "mouse is overlapping" condition. This way we can leave the background out of it, I believe that should take care of your problem.

  • Hey nimos100 & Nimtrix, yeah it didn't allow me to invert the green arrow ones. But the "is not over sprite condition" is what worked.

    Thanks a lot both of ya'll.

    There's always that one problem that comes up for me that's not too difficult to solve...but I just can't solve it. lol.

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