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  • Hi,

    I'm making a simple game, which ends showing the human cell, its parts and labels pointing to the parts of the cell(all this is a jpeg). On top of the labels, I have placed invisible boxes/sprites which if clicked should display some information (again jpegs) on these parts. So if the user clicks on say nucleus, it should reveal the nucleus information image.

    I've added a mouse event on the nucleus label, so that once clicked, it reveals the nucleus information image. This works fine for 1 image, however when I tried to do this for the next few parts of the cell, nothing happens when I click on the labels.(or I have to restart construct 2 for it to work, which is also not consistent)

    I was wondering if there is any better way to do this?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • need to see the capx, sounds like an easy problem...lets have a look

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your reply. My office doesn't allow dropbox to be installed on the computer but I have uploaded my files on dropbox online. Please see here:

    I hope you can access these files?


  • this is the exported game file... if you put the capx file in here i should be able to have a look, just save and then thats your capx...put that in drop box

  • Ah yes! Thanks, I've done that, please see the file in there.

  • ok got it....just give me a couple of hours cause ive got a screaming baby here so when shes down for a nap ill have a look

  • That's great, thanks for your help! :)

  • Oops sorry that was a previous file, I've uploaded the correct file on now...

  • ok, i think this is what your after

    ive had to make my own example cause i found your code confusing

    i havent given it the drop n drag functionality either but it should still work the same

    if its not right let me know n ill try again.....

    EDIT: example

  • it makes sense now......i thought this isnt a cell? haha! never-mind. it will definatly work with the example u just sent

  • Hi there...sorry but I can't open your file because it says that it was made in construct release 91 or higher, mine is 90. I was looking to see where I can download the latest version but can't find it...:(

  • Ok so I went to this link and downloaded construct 2 91, and it says that the file is incompatible with this version

    :(( Sorry, is there another plcae I can download your version?

  • Hi again, it looks like construct 2 release 91 will not open .capx files but .cap files...I really don't know what to do. any ideas please?

  • That's Construct Classic. Try here:

  • Thanks! Got it now...ok so the game plays exactly like I want! Thanks for the help!! :)

    Now that I've got dropbox and the right version, my posts will be more structured.

    I have to say, Construct 2's forum is the friendlist I've seen!

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