How do I Click on individual tiles (tilemap)

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  • I am making a farming game in Construct 2 for school, and so far I have a 853, 480 project, that when you press play it deleted all objects in a menu and resizes it to 500, 500. That's where the tilemap comes in. So my first problem: when the tilemap is moved to the middle of the 500, 500 layout, it seems to go only 9 across and 9 down even though the tilemap is also 500, 500 and the tiles are 50, 50. My second problem is, when the layout loads and 4 un-hoed dirt tiles:

    in the middle of the layout. I want it so when you click on these 4 individual tiles their tile is set to a hoe'd version of this sprite:

    . Now the dirt is very to be plant(ified). I'm not sure how to make it so when I click on one of these hoe'd tiles, it opens and list of plants I am able to plant. I've tried this with individual sprites but when it comes to harvesting (destroy the actual plant sprite) it deletes all of the plants of the same name and I understand why, so I need a workaround this. Just to reiterate if you were to click on a hoe'd dirt tile it would bring up a list, and if you clicked on (for example) apple tree it would plant a sapling:

    then after a period of time:

    then a few minutes later:

    . I know how to - after a period of time - change the tiles, but I have no idea how to click on each tile individually (planting and harvesting).


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