How do I clear the previous layout after transitioning?

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  • So, I ran into a little issue. I have my test level set up so that the player is sent to a smaller layout when he walks inside of a building. Inside the test building, the first layout can still be seen in the background and the collision behavior of the original layout is still in effect. How do I resolve this issue?

  • Thats not possible unless if you are talking about layer not layout then you just need to disable solids when on layer and reenable when on layer. Im kinda interested if you did manage to get two layout to interact im quite curious how you manage that.

  • I'm not too sure, myself. I made my GUI layer global, and that shows up on the second layout just fine, but for some reason the platform layer is still on the second layout as well (even though I didn't make it a global layer). It's as if the new layout is superimposed over the old one. Pretty bizarre if you ask me...

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  • To elaborate, both of my layouts are using two tilemaps each: one with a solid behavior for walls and such and one without collision for floors and areas where the player can walk. I have a sprite near a door on the first layout that, when the player is overlapping it, sends him to a point on the second layout. Once on the second layout, which is considerably smaller than the first, I experience the issue where the new layout appears to be on top of the previous one and all I am unable to walk on areas of the new layout where there were previously solid tiles on the old one. I hope someone can make sense of this. Could it be because I only have the free edition?

  • I figured out what I was doing wrong. For some reason, the tilemaps I used on the first layout were set to global.

  • Lol those global are hard to keep track of.

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