Clear Background, Transparent Layout or Black?

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  • I have an android Puzzle Game been working on, Most layouts have black backgrounds, which is best for performance?

    Clear Background --> No , with Black tiledbackground.png VS Clear Background -- > Yes, with Transparent Layout?


    Game is 17.8 mb after compiling on XDK crosswalk, Gameplay is fine but Uses 100mb ram upon launch with sound latency issues.

    Game is 10 mb after compiling on Cocoonjs, Uses 75mb ram upon launch with no sound issues, but scaling issues.

    What Do?

  • Set 'Clear Background' to 'No', and make a black opaque layer on the bottom of every layout.

    Crosswalk is still on beta, so I prefer CocoonJS at this time.

    For dealing with scaling issues, you should design your game with some properties like 'ViewportBottom', 'ViewportRight'.

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  • Thank you, Iam not experienced with the viewport commands but willing to implement to my game, do you recommend any tutorial or article that I can learn from, the ones on the scirra tutorials dont seem to explain it clearly, any links if available would be appreciated.

  • Optimizing your game with diverse screen size is kind of hard problem, but if you want that, you have to set your project as 'scale outer' mode.

    Viewportbottom(0) would be the height of the window and Viewportright(0) would be the width.(zero is layer number, but never mind.) If you're working on scrolling-bounded-layout, Viewportleft(0) and Viewporttop(0) would always be zero. That's the first idea. If you know this, you can set the center of the gameview(by dividing them by 2), and you can put your puzzle sprites by referencing the center position.

    You can search with the keywords like 'multiple screen support', but I'm not sure they have the answer you want, because everyone's game design are different.

  • Thank you for your time, as this is the only thing left for me to fix in my game before publishing. Will work on it tonight.

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