how can i do a clean transition between layout

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  • how can i do a clean transition between layouts? resizing backgrounds elements considering differents screens.

    my particular problem is when i resize from one layout to another and i can see a white glimpse. (watch video)

    The original size is 480x800, and the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 es 1280x800

    I use:


    2.-Samsung galaxy tabII 10.1'

    3.-Android 4.0,

    4.-and for background-> anchor behavior

    thanks for all support.

  • What I have seen others do to hide any of the initial resizing stuff is to start each layout with a large white sprite that covers the screen and then fades out. That allows you to have anything that would be visible on the screen to be hidden, and then once your actions are completed, you fade the sprite out and then destroy it.

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  • Big sprite fading is a great idea i think <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> . But what about fade in?

  • Same thing, fade in a large sprite at the end of a layout, fade out a large sprite on the start of the next layout. Basically the new layout starts with a large white sprite covering the screen then fades out. The other side is fade in a large sprite at the end of each layout. That way it looks like a seamless experience.

  • Thank,worked perfectly!!!

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