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  • Hi. After weeks working with construct 2, and updating single project, deleting from the projects, the event sheet is Brutal mess now when i need to fix some bug , i have to search hours to find what is what.. How do i clean it up, Create groups inside the eventsheet? How do you clean up your project ?

  • Organize your event sheets:

    (click the image to see the whole thing, and the list of numbers)

    • Use multiple event sheets, and include them in your Layout event sheet. This lets you use the same code for multiple event sheets, and keeps it from being one huge list of events. Right click below all your events to Include an event sheet.
    • Use Groups to break up your events into sections. Be sure to drag the events into the group. Right click on the left edge of the event bar to find the Add/Add group. (Not on the event itself, that's a different menu.) Or you can see it's also in the menu under the events. (#1)
    • You can then fold up the group, so it's hidden when you aren't working on it.
    • You can also fold up large sets of sub-events when you have them working right. Out of sight, and out of the way. (see event 10 is followed by event 25.)


    If you want to move a block of events to a new Event sheet, When you hit cut, you may be warned that deleting this may remove other events. As long as you immediately paste them into the new sheet, all the lost events will be restored.

  • Very Helpful Paradox. Thank you very much.

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  • This is the first I've seen this explained. Extremely helpful!

    Here is someone on YouTube explaining some of this with visuals

  • Definitely groups (even sub groups) and included event sheets are the main ways to organise your project, but be aware that breaking up a big event sheet into many included sheets will make it MORE difficult to search for things, not easier. The best thing is not to get into a mess in the first place, or at least do some organising every now and then, not right at the end

  • Yea, includes will go a long way to clean up your code.

    This is main event sheet for my current project:


    It can still be a hassle at times, but if you use folders, includes and name things properly and consistently, it will go a long way to help you stay organized when you are nearing the end of your project.

    Another technique I use is to create a debug event sheet as well. It basically serves as a test area that you delete before you complete your game. Once you have good code that you are happy with you add it into one of your include files and delete it out of the debug event sheet.

  • wow , very nice, thank you guys, got inspired

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