How do I clean up layouts and event sheets?

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  • Before i get too far ( i already have 4 layouts and event sheets) i was wondering about keeping things clean.

    I've seen some say have 1 or 2 event sheets and use them for all of the layouts, others say keep corresponding events on their own event sheets (1 sheet for gameplay, 1 for controls, etc. etc.). I've even seen once or twice to have everything in 1 event sheet and use groups.

    Right now these are the layouts i have:



    Choose Player


    And each have their own event sheet.

    I'll also need Options, High Scores and Credits layouts. That's 7 layouts with 7 event sheets. And this isn't counting the extra layout/event sheet for bonus lvls.

    That's a lot of clutter to get lost in.

    So i ask, what's the best or most used way to keep everything clean and minimal?

    If i combine Splash, Menu, Choose Player and Action event sheets into one and keep it grouped and clean, will this cause any problems for those layouts?

    Thanks very much for any tips on this issue.

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  • I make one event sheet for every "specific" game mechanic... so I have one for "weather" and one for "saving and loading" and another for controlling "animation", etc.

    Over-all I have about 12 event sheets just to help me find things easily, and keep relevant events grouped together.

    As far as layouts go, that really depends on your game and how you're building it. I am using only 2 layouts for my open world game - one layout for the actual game screen itself and one for the map screen. You could use 100 layouts if you want, for each level or "screen" your character can visit... or you can use just 1! That really depends how you want to do it


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