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  • I have everything set up correctly I think, When I run the layout in C2 logs in and post high score everything works correctly, but once I publish it on google play play store it dont work. I have sandbox disabled. I'm using CocconJS.

  • You better posting this on forums

  • Well I would but works fine on there side, the problem is either with C2 or CocoonJS I believe.

  • I read this on the forum but its from Nov 2012 , I tried it and it didn't work either, anyone have a Idea?

    [quote:3okshgps]Okay, updated the plugin to work with the new version of CocoonJS, and (hopefully) work with all features. Get it here, and let me know how it works for you!

    To get it running, export to CocoonJS, and copy the "webview" folder, and "CocoonJS.js", "CocoonJS_App.js", "CocoonJS_App_ForCocoonJS.js", and "CocoonJS_App_ForWebView.js" into the zip folder Construct 2 generates. Unfortunately right now there's no good way for me to have those be included automatically, so that has to be done manually.

    Here's how it should look:

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  • This did not work either, still looking for suggestions. Has anyone got to work correctly CocoonJS?

    [quote:c71d5vbd]quirdex September 2013

    ok I made it works,

    it needs one more js in root zip : CocoonJS_App_ForWebView.js,

    and add the script line in index.html

    The post here is out of date ... age42.html

    Reminder for ppl for construct2 (r139) clay (0.4.12) and cocconJS (1.4.1) :

    • correct index.html is :



    <script src="CocoonJS.js"></script>

    <script src="CocoonJS_App.js"></script>

    <script src="CocoonJS_App_ForCocoonJS.js"></script>

    <script src="CocoonJS_App_ForWebView.js"></script>

    <script src="c2runtime.js">




    • it needs the 4 scripts in zip : CocoonJS.js, CocoonJS_App.js, CocoonJS_App_ForCocoonJS.js, CocoonJS_App_ForWebView.js

    and the folder webview/ in the zip

  • ok I feel like I'm talking to myself here lol, but the above does actually work sometimes, if I open and close the game enough it will eventually let me log in, but then comes a barrage of different problems. mainly it will often force the game to close, but sometimes it don't. when I goto post my score to the leader board it repeatedly ask me to login even tho I already am and then It will force close as well.

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