A classic Z order logic problem, split area of obj

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  • Just need to vent a little over an old problem layering has always had which has never been solved. Im having a case of a front view where you have an ear, a set of eyes w/lashes, and a hair piece.

    Things are supposed to be:

    Ear - on top of hair (looks like its coming forward) & behind the eyelashes.

    Hair - on top the eyes.

    Eyes - on top the ear (its an eyelash problem).

    See the problem? I wonder why no one has created a Z or layer order property for objects or layers that says "object1 Z > object3 Z at all times && object1 Z < object2 Z && object2 Z < object3 Z".

    OK I know logically thats impossible but what if their were a way to split up and area of an object while keeping it whole and then assign a different Z order to that portion of the object? Is such a thing possible?

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  • blazah99 You mean something like the Z-Order controls that were added in release 120? I am assuming you haven't read the manual recently or haven't been keeping up on releases?

    Release 120 with Z-Order Bar

  • You may have to enable it before it shows up. Click "view" in the menu and check "Z order bar".

  • It's just as easy at runtime.

    Every Tick > Move Hairpiece Z-order to Head (in front), etc.

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