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  • Hi,

    Anyone have any idea how one might go about making a circular platform level. What I mean by that is: at the end of my platform level I want there to be a seamless joining to the beginning.

    So far i think I could use the wrap behaviour with a little mirroring of what is at the start, at the end. But so far it's not very elegant, anyone got any better ideas?

  • aliswee

    Hi, don't do wrap, teleport! Use a sprite marker at both ends, just far enough in so you can't see the ends when the camera follows the player. When the player collides with the marker, set the x,y location of your player to the opposite end like a wormhole. If you plan it right, it should look seamless.

  • Can confirm - I use this trick for all sorts of displacement. It doesn't take much tweaking to get it bang-on perfect.

  • I've puzzled over this myself and eventually scrapped my attempts because they seemed like more trouble than it was worth, so this is purely theoretical, but... perhaps you can try making a "split screen" effect (first example I could find, might not be the best) in combination with the teleport-wrap that SimoneT describes.

    What I'm thinking is use the split screen effect on either end of the level to show what's happening on the opposite end. This way even if the player is e.g. being chased by an enemy and teleports, you can still see a "reflection" of the enemy on the other side, so it looks like a seamless transition. There could still be issues like for example an enemy not reacting to the player when it should because it's just a reflection and not the real thing, but maybe you can make a workaround for the AI or something. Anyway, haven't tried any of this personally but it sounds nice on paper.

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  • Cheers guys, i will give the wormhole thing a try.

    I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks!

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