How I can make circle direction move

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  • Hi all, how I can make circle direction move?


    <img src="" border="0" />

    If Left arrow is down: player move left (around). If right - right...

    But if player don�t touch any keys - spaceship don�t move.

    Game template:

    PS. I has instaled C2 three days ago and don't know simple things :)

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  • I'm making a game with similar movement for my rotary compo game

    By using this expression:

    X = centerX + sin(a/pi)*radius

    Y = centerY + cos(a/pi)*radius

    Where a is the period of the movement

    You get this:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    World.X/Y is the center of the level

    Speed (global var) is speed + playerX (which is changed by pressing left/right)

    Height (global var) is height + playerY (or can be a fixed value, for constant distance)

  • Thanks :D ! but I make something wrong and my spaceship does not move. And I don't know why. :(

    If not so hard can you see where my problem?

    I'll be very grateful :)

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