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  • I have several questions that I hope someone can help me with.

    So I made this game, and now I would like to try to add it to chrome web store, just to try it. But I would like to make it so it shows ads before going to the actual game. And was thinking about putting this in the preloading screen.

    Can this be done with cocoonjs, or is that only for phones and tablets?

    I can see on there website that you can compile to chrome web store, but as I understand it you need to be a premium member to use it, which I guess you can always try to apply for. Furthermore it also seems like you need an account with someone call mopub who only seem to support IOS, android and mobile web.

    Anyway I tried just to add the cocoonjs to my game, and add "show ads in top" and "bottom", but cant find any information about how they work. Or how you are suppose to use them. Does Ludei or mopub or whoever controls the adds, figure that out on there own? And does the cocoonjs in C2 make sure that they are placed the correct place or what?   

    Or how would you even do something like that, if its possible?

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  • In general, for setup you sign up to Mopub, then sign up to the ad networks supported by CocconJS, Mopub then tracks all of the data for you. You get a code from Mopub that you put in as part of the CocoonJS setup (on the Ludei website).

    You do have control over what types of ads are displayed - full-screen or banner. Also, you have some control over what sort of content the ads contain.

    The placement is, as you have seen, limited to top and bottom (for banners).

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