Chrome web store annoyance [SOLVED]

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  • I have had problems before with my games on the Chrome web store. In particular the game would show up in a small new window instead of properly in a tab of the browser. I ended up getting it to work by using a version downloaded from through their "Distribute" options.

    Recently I tried it again with another game directly exported from Construct 2, this time though this was a fullscreen game. And after uploading and installing the app through the webstore it just shows a black tab. If you wait a little the game will appear, but freeze on layout change. I tried again to upload the version, but it does behave the same.

    I also uploaded a version with fullscreen off, which then loads but again appears in a new window instead of a browser tab.

    Of course the game works properly on localhost, my own webspace and Sadly not with the Chrome web store.

    I did find some older threads on the forum which talk about similar issues, but it seems this isn't really resolved yet?! Is there something you need to avoid in order for the game to appear properly in the web store or does the C2 exporter need adjustment?

    I'm a bit annoyed by these issues lately, any suggestions welcome :)

    EDIT: Solved in the meantime. See this thread for more information: link

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