Chrome in fullscreen mode for mobile device don't work

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  • Fullscreen mode for desktop Chrome works well. But Chrome for mobile device doesn't . How do I solve this

    I created a button for change to fullscreen (or not). In mobile devices it don't work.

  • On mobile you can only request full screen after a touch event. (like On Tap or On any touch end)

  • Yes dop2000, I did it, but I used on Touch...doesn't touch end.

    Does anyone else have another solution?

  • Nobody has another solution.

    If you want to use "On Touch start" - add Wait 0 before requesting full screen.

  • You also must run the site on HTTPS. Insecure HTTP does not support fullscreen mode.

    Do not add a wait before requesting fullscreen: that will break it. You must request fullscreen in a user input trigger with no wait.

  • Yeah, adding "wait 0" doesn't work, my mistake.

    My point was that not all triggered touch events can be used to request fullscreen.

    Requesting full screen in events like "On any touch start" or "On touched object" doesn't work on some devices.

    You should use "On touch end" or "On tap".

  • Those triggers should also work, they do count as user input triggers.

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  • Well, they don't work on all 3 Android phones that I have.

    I made a post about this some time ago and another user confirmed that "On any touch start" doesn't work for him too:

  • Thank you very much for the clarifications.

    I will make the changes suggested here.

    I'll read the post.

    Again, thank you Ashley and dop2000.

  • I created a button to request Full Screen.

    So, in C2 I just can use "On tap object", because "on touched end" I can't designate a specific button.

    If "On tap object" doesn't work, how can I use "on touched end" when I press one button?

  • I don't understand why can't you use "On tap object"..

    If your button is the Button object (form control), then you should request full screen in "On button clicked" event.

    If it's a sprite, you can add another condition to "On touch end" - "Is touching object ButtonSprite".

  • Guys, sorry for insistence before... THIS WORKED

    TKU 4 all to solved my problem.

    [ ]'s

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