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  • Hello!

    I want to fill the screen tiles (which are already generated but invisible) in a random manner, making them visible.

    So far I have this capx I am attaching.

    My isssues:

    1. Too slow!!!! And this is even a small sample screen. The level is bigger....

    2. I would like it to enable a tile by random per row, then going down a row, enable a tile there by random, next row... then back to top, repeat... Of course using loops. I am daft at moment so I would love some help here.

    Thanks for the help.

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  • have you tried this tut?

  • augmento

    The random color tile example in that tutorial is not what I wanted. I want random tile position (to make it visible) and not random tile as the tiles are already generated and have their order as from TMX importer.

    But, I will do it myself instead.. I just hate loops, haha.

    Now creating a new array and use that instead. I just hoped to able to do without adding another array.

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