Choosing to enable or disable WebGL on startup

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  • I have a game that have an effect object that I use, and no matter how much I reduce the amount of checks and loops needed for it to run, it'll run fine on a Desktop PC with a reasonably sized CPU and a good GPU, but runs slow on an ultrabook with less than 2 GHz processor and a moderate GPU. I also have this issue if I have a WebGL enabled project with a few WebGL effects where it runs fine on the same desktop, but runs at less than 30 fps on the same ultrabook.

    However, if I disable WebGL for the game, it runs smoothly on both machines. While it makes the effect object unusable (so I have it disabled), but I want this game to run on as many PCs as possible. The problem is that there is no action to disable WebGL.

    I can understand why that isn't possible mid-game, so is there any way I can choose whether or not to Enable WebGL when I boot up the game, or at least a way to disable all effects, regardless of where they are?

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  • There isn't any feature that would support this. However you can go into the C2runtime.js and code in such a requirement if really needed. Or make a suggestion to Ashley to do such an option.

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