How do I choose what to do with my weapon system?

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  • Hello scirra forums! this is my first post here under me and a friend's joint account.

    I have a few questions I need addressed in regards to a weapon system.

    I have an array of values in both text and integer that represent the workings of a weapon system, with sorting slots, ammo, magazines, names, all that good stuff.

    However, I'm having a problem. the mouse wheel is meant to sort through these values, but I'm a little frustrated with trying to get it to work.

    Only ammo, magazine, and weapon name are to be displayed to the user through text, the other values I have are for system-related use.


    this is the code I use, the comments show my problem. I have no idea why it would work on the backscroll whereas the forward scroll screws it up. The disabled lines are what I used before, clamp is not working for me so I had to add in the extra conditions.

    I'm tempted to switch my values to XML format, because I'm feeling like I might be able to do things in that format faster than using arrays- even with rex's CSV tools.

    also, Second question. How do I use filepicker or another associated plugin (even it) to load mods? say an array to use as a tilemap? I plan to work on making my games moddable in the future and want be preemptive on it for my next game.

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  • Here utility to fill an array

  • Handy utility DeXVinogradov !

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