How do I choose between "Touch" and "Keyboard"

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  • Hey,

    I want to do a platform game to Android and I'm following the tutorial of "How to do a platform game". There it says to in "Input", to choose keyboard. Since I'm doing for mobile phones, I should put "touch" or that have nothing to do with it?

    And btw in my levels I have like this:

    How do I put to the camera always follow the "cartoon". When I go down, the camera keeps following the principal character.

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  • You don't use keyboard if it's going on mobile, you need to come up with your own gameplay idea to get the character to move. You can 'touch' on screen. You could use tilt. You could create virtual buttons. Imagine it on the android device and how you would play the game.

    If you give scroll to behaviour to the cartoon it should follow that instead.

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