How do I make a "choose your own adventure" game?

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  • Hello everyone!

    Logically speaking, I could make a few buttons, and depending what the player clicks it would do different things. But I would like something more fun than that, and maybe player stats to that, that can go up or down based on the decisions.

    Does anyone know a tutorial to create a game like that, or even better a capx example? Most of the games that I have created are platformers or shooters so it would be interesting to get more imaginative with a fun story!

    I would appreciate some help, thank you for reading!

  • This post is so generic and vague, I'm not sure you asked a proper question?

  • I am sorry, I will be more specific.

    I found this tutorial here and it seems good for that type of game. Basically 4 answers and depending what you answer, you get a certain result, stats change and the story continues.

    I could just go on the txt and add my own things. My questions are:

    1-In this tutorial I don't understand how it chooses the correct answer.

    2-How do I add conditions so based on the answer, instead of correct or incorrect it has: bad move -2 on health (lowers health number by 2), or: good thinking +1 intelligence, etc.

  • He is grabbing all the question and answer data from a text file and storing each question with the answers in one cell for each question. Then he picks a random question. Answers are always in the same order though. He has 4 answers and 1 which is to detect the correct answer.

    Where the actions are for correct or incorrect, replace the text with add or subtract from a global variable. If it is different for each question you would have to add that logic into the text file with the answers and output it so if it said "Health" then it knows if you get a question wrong it would subtract from health, so create new logic in a sense, so you would need to understand what he's doing with arrays.

  • Oh I just noticed that it had 5 answers and the last was the correct. Too many new things to learn haha

    The second part about the answers confuses me a bit unfortunately since I do want different thing for each one. Could you give me an example of how it would be with the following question (and where to add the custom text answer for each one), so that I can understand better please?

    What weapon will you use?;

    Pillow; -2 health

    Knife; +1 strength

    Sand; +1 intelligence

    Feather; -3 health


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  • You really need to understand where the data is coming from before you can attempt that. Look at the array in debug view. The question and answers are one string and he pulls the info out using 'tokenat' which uses a divider between text such as a comma to differentiate one word to the next. Once you know exactly what is going on, I would do it by putting the stats in a separate file but the same order. In an identical way you can pull the data from it but the stats would be in a different array location, so where the question and answer is in Y=0, the stats are at Y=1. Then you can easily apply the same tokenat logic so if you select answer 4, then you can read stat 4 and apply it. Once you know what you're doing it is just one event to do everything, it's just about understanding the arrays.

  • I understand better now. Thank you for everything I will attempt to work towards it and reach my goal!

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