How do I choose level in 1 vs 1 game?

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  • Hello, a game design question.

    In my online game (1 vs 1) there are several levels to play the game.

    How is the level at which the players will play the game selected?

    1 - The server player chooses the level.

    2 - The server player chooses the level and the client shows if he is convinced or not.

    3 - Random level.

    4 - Another option?

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    • Each player chooses a level, then the level is selected randomly between both choices
    • Each player chooses 2 or more levels, then the level is selected randomly between both choices
    • One player chooses the first level, the second player chooses the second level
    • Random Level
    • The higher rank player / the lower rank player chooses the level

    Depends on your game, how many levels both players are competing at, are they levels? IAP?

  • They are levels that players unlock by playing 1 vs 1 rounds.

    For example, if you win 5 rounds you unlock a new level.

    This can give situations in which one player has an unlocked level and the other player has the same level blocked.

    I'll have to think about that.

    I think the option of flipping a coin and using the random factor to see which player will choose the level is fine.

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