Child Lock Feature???

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  • O.K. I have searched every were, sent emails to scirra, even posted on the forums, and no one has even replied back to me?

    I'm looking for a child lock feature to disable the back,home,menu,and search buttons on mobile phones to keep keeps on the game and not be able to just exit, I have my own exit were the parents can just tap the 4 corners to close the game.

    I have tried:

    " Browser " on mobile back button pressed /go to layout1

    " Browser " on mobile menu button pressed /go to layout welcome

    " Browser " on mobile search button pressed / restart layout

    they don't work at all, I have try a lot of various option with no avail.

    I have tried the "is on mobile". Nothing seems to disable the buttons or even lets say they hit the back button I cant even get it to go to the previous layout it just exits the game. I can get by without this option in the free version but if I'm going to have any luck selling it on Google Play Store I need this child safety lock available.

    Can someone please help me out here, or at least point me in the right direction. Thanks in advanced. <img src="smileys/smiley29.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • That feature would be way to easy to abuse, that's probably why it doesn't exist.

    Also Kids and gorilla glass= eeek.

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  • newt

    Well most of the baby/children apps on the google play store have this feature. The goal is to keep the kids occupied but not let the exit the app and start calling people and getting into other stuff on the phone. There is no way I can even try to compete with any of them if I cant offer the same functions. Free games have ads and less options, paid games have no ads and more features, obviously since its for small children there is no way i could get by with having a ad any were in the game, the customers would kill me. so my only real option to be able to sell a paid version would be the child lock feature with some added content.

  • Or even if there was a way that if they hit one of the buttons it could pop up a box and they could type "exit" or "1234" or something. I have this app over 80% ready for the open market. I have the demo on the google play store now, and my projected release date is on the 16th of this month which is one of my daughters 2nd birthday. I have a lot invested in this already, there is no way I can just publish it for free. I know some were there is someone with a idea, or a solution to this problem.

  • Searching by google I found this command "TYPE_KEYGUARD" but I dont know how implement this maybe posible with the javascript sdk Ashley?

    the link

    Note: I have a little baby girl with 9 months and I like this fuction also

  • felixsg

    Thanks for the post, it will give me something to looking into in the wee hours of the morning.. Congrats on the baby. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Ok I have been looking at this line of code

    KeyguardManager keyguardManager = (KeyguardManager) getSystemService(KEYGUARD_SERVICE);

    KeyguardLock lock = keyguardManager.newKeyguardLock(KEYGUARD_SERVICE);


    just not sure if it will work with constuct2, maybe a third party program?

  • You can ask the CocoonJS team to implement this. Otherwise no there is no keyguard for browsers that I know of.

  • Well the only other option i can find would be to use eclipse cause it will work there, but i don't how to use that program its to complex for me, and I'm not sure how easy it would be to transfer all the work from consruct2 over to eclipse. My guess would be not easy at all. I'm starting to get really frustrated with this problem.   <img src="smileys/smiley7.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • jayderyu

    Well I have contacted CocoonJS waiting for a reply,I would hate to have to start over using another program considering I have Adwords, Admob, and Bing Ads running my ads for the app. I can't pause my ads cause I need people to try the Free version before I can add a Paid version.. I've looked at the phone gap but don't see the option there, I was wondering if I could just edit the XML files with the script but I don't know if that would work or mess it up.

  • Any more ideas yet?

  • <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I give up, I'll just let my baby app sit in the google play store and not make any money.

  • Hey, you may remember posting in my thread recently about this very same thing. Here's a couple of new things I found. First there's this, which says something about SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW allowing a window to keep displayed on top. Second, there's this, which talks about reading logcat. I don't know a whole lot about logcat, but if reading it could be implemented in a plug-in for C2, then we can get somewhere with this :)

  • sgtwombatstudios

    O.K. thanks for the info, I'll look into it. I dont know much about making a plugin im not a javascript coder lol. but if someone else is that could implement this that would be sweet.

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