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  • With the native saving and loading in Construct 2, is there a way I can check if savedata exists as a condition trigger? On save complete might work, but I'm looking for a possible string/code snippet or whatever that basically says or checks for "does slot1's savedata exist?" (i.e, it's not an empty slot and didn't have anything saved to it beforehand)

  • If it's empty then 'load' would fail and you can trigger 'on load failed', is that what you're after?

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  • I suppose, maybe.

    At the moment, I made the realization I could just use a global variable or array (the latter since I'm switching to a partly array-based system for the gamekit's data), and have that changed to a value right after savedata is saved for the first time. On loading the game back up, just check the variable accordingly to decide whether to load a new playthrough or display the filename and load if it interacted with.

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