How do I check whether an object/layou has already been used

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  • Hi there.

    I´m planing a little trivia app ,every layout has one Question and the Answers .

    Layout will be loading randomly ,but how can i check if a Layout was allready loaded .

    is there a (maybe) simple way to chekc this (write into a Variable )?

    Main goal is a trivia app like "You don´t Know Jack" maybe someone know this funny Trivia Game.

    I found Tutorials where they use Array´s for the Q and A but i Don´t know how to use Array´s for loading and playing soundfiles --Question as Text and Soundfile .

    Hope Someone understand what i mean and can help.


    Sorry for the bad english i´, from Germany.

  • To check if a layout has already been used, you can set an array that way:

    When you wanna load a layout, you check if the array contains the layout name.

    If so, reload another random layout

    Else, load it and set a new value in the array containing the Layout Name.

    On new games, reset the array to 0

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  • ah ok thx ,i have to test this.

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