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  • hi Guys i have just tried a memory match game without generating the layout as its done in the tutorials but instead have the card layout has card placed with an animated card hidden underneath , i have managed to have it going till it open only 2 cards at a time but, it won't compare the the two opened i tried with UIds and a few other way but can't get it to work , all i need is if the card hidden match then they stay visible , so either the opacity of the top becomes , zero or get destroyed, i don't know any programming , just doing it for college proj.

    but just didn't want to copy its in layout called game1, ,thank-you. one drive link

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  • can someone please point me in the right direction, tried whatever could , have already had a few sleepless night . regards manoj

  • Someone pointing you in a (one of many) direction. ... GRyTTNWTVE

  • Thank you 99instances2Go

    its great but i was trying not to change the layout just to try and make condition that will let me hide the two top card of the two matching box , will that be possible at all or no , I don't know,

    Regards Manoj

  • Look better.

  • Sorry tried that but still can't get it to work ,as i want the original animation to play when the card opens, when put hidden-first=hidden-second the action i set as set card to invisible or destroy it does't work ,

  • hi Thanks again did manage to move forward thanks for your guidance . but now it just destroy the second card its the only one that is active how can i destroy both pleaaassseee ,

  • Hi 99instances2Go

    Have managed to get to the point here the criteria matches and it leaves the two matching cards open but when closing the unmatched it will just close the second one and not the first as it is not selected , i cannot destroy the card and regenerate it, as it will break the logic for the match, can't pick through pick all , and then try to close the the two open, so the best i could do was it will close all the cards , if they don't match even the one that matches , i am sure there would be a way to do this,but I just can't figure it out , I will really appreciate a push in the right direction, sorry if i have been too much of a pain , but i will improve as i do more of this and will try and learn a bit of programming too.

    regards Manoj

    one drive

  • can someone please guide me through the last bit please.

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