How do I check how many third party plugins I have in capx

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  • Hello!

    Subject say it all.

    But .. how do I check how many third party components I have in the project I am working on. Plugins, behaviors, effects...

    I know for sure I have TMX importer.. But maybe more? I have a crapload of third party components installed in C2..

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  • If your project is saved as a project file rather than a .capx, then you could open the .caproj file in any text editor, and you will see sections for behaviors and plugins:

            <plugin author="Scirra" id="Audio" version="1">Audio</plugin>
            <plugin author="Scirra" id="Button" version="1">Button</plugin>
            <plugin author="Scirra" id="Function" version="1">Function</plugin>
            <plugin author="Scirra" id="Keyboard" version="1">Keyboard</plugin>
            <plugin author="Scirra" id="Sprite" version="1">Sprite</plugin>
            <plugin author="Scirra" id="Text" version="1">Text</plugin>
            <plugin author="Scirra" id="TiledBg" version="1">Tiled Background</plugin>
            <plugin author="Scirra" id="Touch" version="1">Touch</plugin>
            <plugin author="Zack0Wack0/Scirra" id="WebStorage" version="1">WebStorage</plugin>
            <behavior author="Scirra" id="Bullet" version="1">Bullet</behavior>
            <behavior author="Scirra" id="DragnDrop" version="1">Drag & Drop</behavior>
            <behavior author="Scirra" id="Fade" version="1">Fade</behavior>
            <behavior author="Scirra" id="Platform" version="1">Platform</behavior>
            <behavior author="Scirra" id="Turret" version="1">Turret</behavior>
            <behavior author="Scirra" id="bound" version="1">Bound to layout</behavior>
            <behavior author="Scirra" id="destroy" version="1">Destroy outside layout</behavior>
            <behavior author="Scirra" id="jumpthru" version="1">Jump-thru</behavior>
            <behavior author="Scirra" id="wrap" version="1">Wrap</behavior>
    Ignoring webstorage, they generally say 'author = Scirra'.  If not, then it's most likely a non-standard plugin, but you can easily check.
    E.g. [code:4yt9u4vr]<plugin author="Manuel D.S. Kempf" id="noisejs" version="1.100000024">noisejs</plugin>[/code:4yt9u4vr]
  • Oh, thank you!

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