Is there a way to check a savegame for certain variables?

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  • So I want to create a save system where the player can select from where they want to start once they reached a certain point in the game.

    I set up a save game system and that works so no problem there. But of course the loading only loads the entire savegame from where I am. But I want to load only certain variables for certain spots.

    The idea is it that from the start menu, you can chose the stage (i have a few of those) you want to start from after you completed them. Let's say I complted 5 stages and the game autosaves after every stage, I want the player to be able to chose which of those 5 completed stages they want to load. Maybe they missed something in stage 3 so they want to load Stage 3 again WITHOUT overwriting their save file (so that they can play stage 5 again without needing to complete stage 4).

    Since i set up the stage selectio with global variables it would be nice to just load that particular variable instead of the entire save file^^

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  • Okay I just figured out a different way that does the same thing so yeah, you can close this

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