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  • Using the built in Save system, is there a way to check to see if a save slot exists yet or not?

  • I'm not sure about this one.

    You could do it manually using the condition "On save complete" and activating a variable. If you want to check if a save exists, then you could check this variable, if it's activated it means that the game has been saved.

  • Xavier I don't think that would work because no variables would be set when the game is first started, even if they had been previously saved, because it's a fresh start.

    What I'm trying to do it make it so that the Continue button on the title screen will only show up if there is save game data available to load.

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  • I'm just doing the same thing. I'm planning to have another webstorage value indicating the last save (if there is one). You could have a webstorage value indicating if each save slot is empty or taken.

  • You can probably do it using webstorage for now. You don't need to save the whole game with webstorage, just store a value that tells you if there is a save or not.

    Maybe Ashley could add a condition for the save/load system in future versions.

  • Yeah, I've used webstorage in the past for this and it worked well, but that was with nodewebkit (which I'm not developing for this time around). I guess I'll give it a shot here too since I can't think of any better methods. I was hoping there would be something built in by now since the save system utilized nameable save slots. Thank you.

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