How do I check the right colour (true/false

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  • Hi, its me again

    This is my idea i want to create:

    1. The black ball can be moved and the square in the left upper corner is telling the player which colour he should reach to get a point. If you touch the yellow or green box the game is over.

    2. If the blue box is right, the square in the left upper corner should randomly change its colour to green, blue or yellow. In this example its green and the player again should reach the green box.

    I hope you guys know what i mean ^^

    The problem is i have no idea how to do it... How can i check if it is the right colour and then change it to the next one?

    Thank you very much

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  • You don't need to check the colour..

    I'm guessing if you are using a sprite, the colours would be animationframes and you can just check for those..

    If you want to use 9-patch or tiledbackground, just put them in a family.

  • Great, i'll give it a try


  • Hello,

    shame on be but I don't really get it ^^

    I have a problem with checking the right colour connected to the defiend colour pattern in the left corner and then change it and check it again.

    Does anyone have a link or a code example idea, that would be awesome (couldn't find i link that fits for my project...)

    Thank you veeerrry much

  • I'm not sure what the problem is..

    Let's say you are using animationframes..

    If the animationframe of the sprite in the left corner is the same as the animationframe of the sprite the ball collides with everything is good, else the ball dies..

    After that you set the animationframe of the sprite in the corner to choose(0,1,2)

  • Ah ok i think i get it sorry my mistake...

    Thanks LittleStain

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