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  • Hello,

    I'm starting to build a top down platformer like the original zelda. How can I check if a player is clicking on a sprite and is also near them (on collison with?)

    That way they will only be able to do damage to the sprite if they are next to them.

    Thank you!


  • That is very easy. Lets suppose the name of player sprite is Zelda and name of enemy sprite is Zombie.


    MOUSE on click on the zombie

    SYSTEM distance (zelda.X, zelda.Y,zombie.X, zombie.Y)

    Is less or equal than 100


    Zombie destroy (or substract from zombie "heath")

    Its always better to put imagem but on this forum it so complicated.

    And istead of 100, you can put any number.

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  • That makes perfect sense except I can't find this distance comparison you mention.

    Could this have to due with me using a free license?

  • The condition you're looking for is 'System: Compare two values'. Put "distance (zelda.X, zelda.Y,zombie.X, zombie.Y)" as the first value and 100 as the second.

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