How do I Check the Current Frame of a Sprite

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  • Hey there,

    I am currently using a sprite object that holds 100+ frames. The sprite is then duplicated 100 times and each instances initial frame is set to 1, 2, 3, and so on. I then use an onTouch condition and I compare the frame of the touched sprite. This then allows me to control some events.

    The issue I am having is... I don't feel that this is the most efficient way of handling this type of condition/event. Does anyone have information or suggestions on how to check the current animation frame with maybe a function or reusable line of conditions/events?

    Thank You,


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  • Yep.

    On touch -> selectedChampion = current.frame



  • Ugh, thank you. Sometimes it is so simple, that I completely overlook it.


    Tested and working.

  • Yeah it often is really that easy. Over-thinking things can often lead to this type of long-winded event style being made.

    If all else fails and you can't do a direct comparison between something (like in your example, animation frame and the sprite set to use) then make a variable for it and compare that.

    I have made some seriously complicated stuff happen with only one or two events - it's all about the logical mechanics used to build your idea.

    Hopefully when you create your object and set the animation frame you did it using something like "set animation/frame to loopindex" or similar. It would also save a lot of time and be more flexible


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