Check angle of collision between solid and bullet

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  • I have a solid (window) which breaks when the player fires a bullet at it. There are 3 different breaking animations and I would like to run one of these based on whether the player fires at the window from roughly head on or either from a left or right angle.

    It's a mouse aim/top down shooter and the windows are placed in the layout both horizontally and vertically, so not sure how to go about checking the angle of collision between the bullet and the windows to trigger the correct animation.

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  • You should be able to do this by setting a variable to the bullet angle right before you destroy it.

    Something like Bullet on collision with Window, set Variable to Bullet.angle and then destroy bullet.

    Then check if the bullet is between set ranges to show specific animations.

  • That works well, thanks.

  • Hi, i'm new and don't know where to ask this. But i really need help.

    Ok i just straight to the point.

    I have two objects, when i click the mouse object #1 then spawning(shooting) bullet object to object #2 and it will destroy when it hit it. but my problem is, because i decreased the bullet speed, when the object #1 shooting bullets, and i keep clicking,then more bullets on screen, the first bullet destroyed nicely when hit,but the next bullets following the first one also destroyed before they reach the target.

    Hope any of you understand w/ i'm saying. :D i'll appreciate any help.

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