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  • Hey everyone!

    So here's my dilemma... I'm using the Chat plugin to send text across the internet. I'm testing it by having two different objects in my layout, the one that "sends" and the one that "receives". I'm using the "tokenat(text, index, separator )" expression to parse the text. But when I compare the tokenat return with my receiving object's private variable, it doesn't work. In fact, it only works once I invert the condition...

    Here's what it looks like...

    If receiveObject.identifier = tokenat(Chat.Data, 0, ",") then

    text.text = "yay"

    In this test, both values are already set to "0" at runtime, yet I only get "yay" when I invert my condition O.o how can these not be equal? I'm doing all this to try and see what the limitations of the Chat plugin are, so is this something strange withing the plugin? Or am I just missing something here...

    Thanks in advance


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  • You should probably approach the plugin developer, as this is a third party plugin which not everyone here has.

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