Chartboost, AdColony, Unity Ad with Cocoon io

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  • Estimates are close to publish a new game and we had trouble with Rewarded Video Ads.

    Some managed to run to Chartboost, Ad Colony, Unity Ad compiling with Coocon io?

    We tried the plugins that come by default in the compiler but the only one that works well is AdMob, which has only banners and interstitial but skipeable (It did not work I incorporate third-party networks).

    We bought plugins Ki Kwon Sang (Cranberrygame Cordova) and we could not get them to work properly, even changing some parameters c2runtime.js.

    We also try to work properly Appodeal and videos but is incompatible with Google Play plugins Cocoon io, making it impossible to use the table of scores or achievements.

    Much appreciate the help and for this in the same situation hopefully is helpful explanation of who has done what. Thank you!!

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  • I'm interesting in this question too. What is the best way to make Rewarded Video ads with adcolony? Is it possible to make it with Intel XDK?

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