Characters run around the stage?

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  • Hello, I am pretty new to Construct 2 (and loving it!) and I am making my first real game in it, a fighting game.

    I would like to make a single ground that if players run all the way left or all they way right they eventually end back up on the other end. I don't want it to feel like they teleported to the other end of the screen, but rather like they ran around the world. I hope that makes sense.

  • When designing your level, just make a "bridge" section, like this:


    "ABCD" is your level. "XY" is the bridge part. The "| |" is the screen. When the player gets to the left:


    You teleport them to the right:


    But because the map looks the same, they won't even notice! ;) The only thing to remember is to never put enemies or action objects on the "bridge", else they will notice. ;)

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  • Thank you JoyfulDreamer, that sounds perfect. Can you please give me an example of how?

    Edit: I got it! All I did was set it so when the X of the character is greaterthan or equal to the last part of the stages X, my characters X was set equal to the other side of the stages X (and vise-versa)


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