How do I make characters move where i point them to with the mouse?

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  • I'm making a game where the idea is to have something like "age of empires" or "oxygen not included" where there are many characters that you can select with the mouse and point them to do different things. For now i only want to know how can i make a selection of only one character and make it move to a location i point them. I've tried with pathfinding but the character doesn't move smoothly across the platform while playing the walking animation.

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  • When animations are messing with movement, a very common solution is to use two objects for a character (you can put them into a container).

    One object "CharacterBox" is an invisible rectangle sprite with Pathfinding behavior. And the second object is your main "CharacterSkin" sprite with animations, pinned to that CharacterBox.

    Also, make sure that the Origin image point is set correctly in all frames in all animations.

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