Characters falling through platforms

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  • Hi to all,

    I've followed the tutorials for a platformer as close as I can but there is still this glitch that I haven't been able to fix.

    Every once in a while, maybe one out of ten times, the character just falls right through solid platforms.

    I am curious to know if this is related to inefficiently put-together event sheets, slowdown due to graphics or something else entirely.

    My platforms do come from non-PNG files which were ripped in C2. I also have struggled to get them as even as I could but it's not exact. I even tried making them non-solid and putting invisible "boxes" so that it would be straight, but the glitch still appears no matter what I do.

    I'd rather not post my .capx, because it has copyrighted characters (I'm making a non-profit fan-game) but I'd be happy to pm it to someone if they thought they could help.

    P.S. Also, my effects don't seem to show up on an export to windows nodekit.

  • I've been re-reading my post and recognize it's a bit nonsensical.

    Bottom line, I just want to know if the glitch could be caused by

    (1) inaccurately placed platforms

    (2) the fact that they're not from PNG files,

    (3) or by general slowdown


  • It's possible that the platforms aren't lining up properly...

    or their collisions polygons aren't meeting...

    or the player's collision polygons aren't correct...

    or the collision polygons are changing due to changing animations or frames of animations...

    But that's just guessing, which is all we can do without having anything to go by.

    I get that you don't want to share your prized creation on an open platform, so here's a bit of advice that will solve at least that issue, if not your game's own issue: recreate just a small slice of your game that you won't mind sharing. Use the exact same events that you have in your main game, but just to test this particular issue.

    While doing so there's a 90% chance that you'll figure out where the error is occurring. If you don't, then, well you can share that capx and other people can have a look.

  • Thanks, GeometriX, I understand it's pretty hard to help without anything to go by.

    To tell you the truth, I actually don't mind sharing the .capx at all, in fact I eventually plan to make it open-source so that others can help expand it.

    I just don't want to violate any forum rules. Am I allowed to post a game with Mario, Megaman, etc, in it? If not, I'll do what you say and replace the sprites with simple shapes.

  • For the educational purposes of this forum, I hardly think Nintendo or Capcom is going to come storming in here, brandishing a lawyer in one hand :P

    So yeah, feel free to share. I often see people using ripped graphics and, for this purpose, I don't see anything wrong with it. The content is hosted externally anyway, so I don't see how Scirra could get in trouble for it.


    Okay, hope that worked. Not sure how dropbox works.

    If you test the game, the platforms work 90% of the time. It might be difficult to get the glitch to happen. But if you jump up and down all over the map, it'll eventually happen.

    Press spacebar to change characters, it happens with all of them.

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  • You need to share your project as a capx. Go to file -> Save as single file.

    Also, if you put it in the public folder, you'll be able to link directly to the file itself.


    okay here it is sorry about that

  • Aaaand you're using a third-party plugin, which I'd then have to find, download and install. Most people here don't really go for that.

    I'm almost willing to bet that this plugin is a cause of your problems, though. Duplicate your project and strip out the third-party plugin, use the regular platform behaviour instead, just for testing purposes, and see if you get the same issues.

  • Sorry, didn't think about that. The plugin is Platform+ which gives double-jump and wall-jump ability. Ironically, I'm actually not even using either of those features, so it's not a huge loss. I'll try stripping it out as you say. Thanks again.


    Here's an updated version not using the plugin. The glitch still happened over the stone platform. Couldn't get it to happen over the grass floor, but wouldn't be surprised if it still did it there too.

    I'm starting to think it might have to do with positioning. My platforms are still pretty messily-laid out. But even over completely solid parts, this sometimes happens. Lemme know if anything obvious pops up, otherwise I still appreciate the help.

  • Actually, I'm trying it now without the plug-in and it seems like it is working. It did go through the stone platform that one time, but I think that is related to the placement.

    The actual "falling through solid" phenomenon seems to be gone. I'm going to continue working assuming this problem has been solved.

    Thank you, GeometriX!

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