Character Selection (with Distinct Player Objects)

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  • Hello all,

    As this is my first post on the Scirra forums, I just want to reiterate what others have said already. C2 is an incredible program with limitless potential. I come from an AS2/AS3 background but never got into the swing of it because debugging was always so time-consuming, whereas C2 is easier and faster than I could have ever expected.

    Now to my question: I am trying to make a platforming game with multiple characters. I know that by adding a character number variable one can change animations to different characters, but I want completely distinct player objects as well. Each character will have different speed, jumping, etc. and some will have unique abilities as well.

    Is this possible? Is there any way to cycle between multiple player objects? I would prefer to be able to switch on the fly, but a character selection screen would be fine. I would really appreciate any ideas the community could offer!

  • SunEyes27

    You can use the "Pick by UID" Event on your character sprite, then specify the UID displayed in your property panel (left side)

  • Of course it's possible. Depending on how you implement your characters, the method varies. If you have only one character on the layout at the same time, simply delete/do not create the other ones. If multiple playable objects can be present simultaneously, disable the behavior of the inactive ones, and set the scrolling to follow the active one.

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  • Thanks guys, at least now I know it's feasible.

    Unfortunately, I'm not far enough along to demonstrate any examples or a capx file (plus, I'm using borrowed sprites for now and don't want to risk copyright problems by posting it in this forum) but I think I understand what you are both saying.

    Magistross, to answer your question I only want one playable character onscreen at a time (for now, anyway). Are you saying that means I have to only have one player object? If so, can I tell C2 to change platform properties and general commands/conditions depending on which "animation" (i.e. character) is visible?

    Either way, this is something I won't be adding to the game for a while, but I would just like to begin thinking about what is the easiest and most efficient way to do this.

  • Yes of course you can, just specify the behaviors first, disable them and enable them with different properties on animation you need

  • What version of C2 are you using? Free or paid?

    What You want to do is very easy in C2 paid version. In free version of C2 You can do exactly the same but will require few more events.

  • Okay, I just want to confirm that I have been able, thanks to the responses here, to do it. I can affect their behaviors and sprites by using a char variable.

    It was easier than I thought, though I might need to get the paid version to fit all of the events I would like (considering I wish to implement power-up transformations as well).

    Safe to say, this post can be considered SOLVED. Thank you all.

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