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  • I have those 3 sprites that are characters. Any idea of how I can create a character selection screen?


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  • So many ways to achieve this!

    I would recommend going through some tutorials because you will undoubtably get stuck on many things.

    I like to dive into things as well though, so to answer your question search the forums for how to make sprite buttons (look in the mod Kyatrics signature for a wealth of great information for newbies), once you click the (character) sprite button you can then set that character to a checkpoint - at the beginning of your stage.

    Your character selection screen could be a totally new "layout", or simply a new "layer" that will appear on top of the game itself.

    If this seems like too much, go through the tutes - in a couple of weeks you will be amazed how much you have progressed.

  • Thanks a lot! I've read some tutorials, but just the basic. That's because I don't have much time right now.

    Anyway, another question if I may.

    I have an enemy that will move up and down, while shooting things at my character. Its movement is random and it shoots like, 50 bullets. Is it complicated to do?

    By the way, adobe flash has an option wich enables me to update my images. For example, if I edit tha images color, I press the update button on flash and that image color is changed. Does construct have an feature like that?

  • No not particularly, you can set a random direction for your enemy to travel in, and then every (X) seconds set a new direction for him to travel (while firing bullets the whole time).

    Re the colour change, i use photoshop and just reload the image (in C2) whenever i change it (it saves your last file location so is a quick process).

  • That's my question. How do I reload it? :)

  • haha oh, :)

    Double click the image and the image-editor will open.

    Its the second option the top left, the open file option. Select your new image and it will be replaced.

  • Thank you :D

    Tomorrow I will read some tutorials. Right now I need to change the animations frame based on a variable. Like, if variable is 5 them the frame is one. Or if a variable is reduced that frame is reduced by the same amount

  • No worries mate,

    I got some great help when i first started (probably just lucky to be on at the right time i guess) - so i'll pay it forward.

    Have fun, ive had a blast using this program thus far.

  • It's amazing. I have done things that I wouldn't usually do without some trouble. Im really considering buying a better version.

  • I made a character selection screen:

    choose hero

    But if i remove the "wait", it won't work, do anyone know why?

  • I made a character selection screen:

    choose hero

    But if i remove the "wait", it won't work, do anyone know why?


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