How do I a character selection

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  • I created a character select but when controller 1 pick character 2 and controller2 pick character 1, the controls bugs.

    Can you help me

    link : HS.capx



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  • Ok ive narrow down after learning some weird controls but that might just be Indonesian keyboard which i do not have

    You need to rethink how to do the select character because using animation like that isn't the way to to go especially when you want to add a another color player. If i were you id also redo the character as well you have a system where its going to work only in one way never the other way. since your character is near the same thing have you consider doing something like player one character to have both red n blue and the same for player two. and then just have it use what ever frame that the player uses. And have it on start to compare the chosen selection to the character to the frame.

    Or you could create the new character to a frame and pin it to an invisible player sprite and run the rest of pin picking its up to you but using animation like that isnt very smart. If you dont plan on expanding it having two or more player.

    This is a messy way to go about the selection but i did play your game its is a nifty little game.

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