How do I make a character select screen w/ clicking function

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  • I've looked through the search feature to find an answer to my issue for my game. I have a character select screen but it doesn't work. The title screen works fine but it gets stuck on character select. I have a select screen when you can click on the character, I've seen tutorials that uses the arrow keys but that's not what I want.

    Could someone help out?

    Oh and if you're gonna explain something to me, please use pictures or I'll just get lost and won't understand. T_T

    I find it hard to follow walls of texts. I'm a visual learner.

    CAPX- (can't post because not enough rep so here's an image of my event sheet instead)

  • First thing.. actions are read top to bottom, so it might be more convenient to change the character before changing the layout, maybe even a wait 0 inbetween to make sure..

  • It's still not working.

    The layout won't change for some reason. >_<

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  • Have you checked the collision polygons of Shadowselect and Tailsselect and are you sure you are clicking within it?

    Is collision detection set to on for those sprites?

    Is there a layout called "TestLevel"?

    Forget those questions, haha

    You should probably attach an event sheet to the characterselect layout from your screenshot it seems it hasn't got one..

  • I got it working now.

    Thanks for the help. \ ^.^ /

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