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  • Hi there,

    I have tested out a lot of different solutions for my Character-Movements. But i could't find the right way. The Basics are simple - but when i have more animations that my character can do, so i can't find a good working way.

    Have anyone of you a little *.capx for me?

    That will be great!



  • You don't say what kind of game you are making, so I don't know if this will help, but here is a simple example I made to change the animations of butterfly sprite that has an 8-direction behavior.

    When the butterfly sprite isn't moving its animation is set to an animation called idle. When the sprite is moving the animation played depends on how fast the butterfly is moving. If moving relatively slow the animation played is one called fly. If going relatively fast the animation played is one called flyfast.

    You can do something similar with platform behaviors, too. You can change the animation when the player jumps, is falling, is going left or right, etc. Examine the events for a behavior to see the places where it may be appropriate to change the animation. Of course you can always change an animation based on your own custom criteria.


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  • You could also set the Animation speed to a factor of the Movement speed ..

    This way the animation speed is in sync with the movement


    every tick ...set animation speed to current movement speed +/- (any value you like) or divide the movement speed by a percentage...

    makes very smooth looking animations

    of course you may want to limit or cap the animation speed to a certain value

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