How to make my character jump once on hold key

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  • How to make my character stop jumping non stop when i hold the up arrow.

    I read there is option Allow buny hoping, but cant find it.

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  • You could use variables:

    An instance variable on the character called "Jump" for example

    If Jump = 1

    Up arrow down

    ----->Jump character

    ----->Set variable Jump to 0

    If Up arrow released -----> Jump = 1

  • Sorry but i cant follow, im new to the program and im not good with variables and avents.

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  • I just tested the Platform behaviour and by default the character won't jump again until I release and press the up arrow a second time.

    What is happening for you and what behaviours are you using? If you like, post the capx file (you can freely host it using

  • Found the problem:

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    Now if i can figure out how to make longer jump on key down without bunny hoping

    And i cant post links - under 500 rep

  • Ok i cant figure it out, can some one help me.<img src="" border="0" />

    This is my event sheet, sorry cant post links.

    I want character jump height to depend on jump key down

    and not countiosly jumping from the ground if i dont release it.

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