How do I Make character jump while moving left

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  • So here is my scenario and problem.

    I have made a character who is a ball. His walk animation is a bounce. When walking left and right you can hold down right key and jump at the same time. As well as the left key and jump at the same time.


    Now I have an animation that makes the ball roll. I have the keys set so that while Space is being pressed the ball goes into the roll animation. I can Hold (Space+Right Arrow) at the same time and Jump. But....While i am holding down "Space" (making the ball roll) and "Left arrow" at the same time. He will not jump. I have to take my finger off left arrow. It seems while I am holding Space and left arrow key jump is not registering.

    Would anyone know any reason this might be happening? it is really frustrating. Here is my player set up.

  • Have you tried using left/right arrow is down rather then on pressed?

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  • No, I have not. I will give that a try.

    Unfortunately, that did not make a difference.

  • Space doesn't work when the left arrow key is down on some keyboards. Try switching your jump button to another key.

    This absolutely worked. Thanks....not sure why I had not tried this yet.

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