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  • I'm trying to make a simple platform game. However, my character gets stuck on some slopes.

    Angles up to about 50 degrees seem to be working fine, however, at higher angles my character will get stuck.

    Now I'm trying to make the character slide down steep hills, so he won't be able to jump and twitch his way up.

    I've uploaded the .capx here. The first slope is working fine and should stay as it is, the second one is too steep to climb, so I want it to make the character slide down, the problem is that it results in a twitchy slide and some more twitching when you walk into it from the side.

    Can anyone give me advice on getting this to work properly?

  • There was some discussion about this here.

    Basically, you can use detector sprites to check if on a hill or not, and then add events according to that.

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  • I have some sort of hill detector in my .capx file.

    I realize this might be a stupid question, but what action should I use to make him slide down? At the moment I'm trying to make him slide by changing the Vector X, is there a better way to do this?

    Or should I just avoid steep slopes in general?

  • I made mine slide down by making the vector X push him away from the slope a bit. It worked OK, it wasn't the smoothest but still manageable.

  • Bump - Still needs a answer. personally i think we should avoid steep slopes.

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