Character freezes after attacking

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  • Hi,

    or if the above link doesn't work,

    There's my current project.

    Z - JUMP

    X - ATTACK

    D - DASH

    To replicate this bug, hold D to dash until it completely stops on its own, then try attacking with X. The character freezes! Now, if you look under the player's mechanics in the code, "start ignoring input" is the obvious culprit. But, I have it set so when the attacking animation is finished, the player should regain control. However, the problem is, if you complete a full dash, that animation won't play at all and the player will just be stuck there until they dash again.

    NOTE: My idea is to have attack animations able to be cancelled by dashing and nothing else. Otherwise, I want the player to be locked into their attack animation until it's finished. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance!

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  • Figured it out. The problem was I needed another condition for when the character's idle animations play after stopping a dash that says attacking is false. While I'm here though, I have another problem! If you hold the dash button while you're in the air, it executes automatically when you land on the ground as long as it's held. I want it to be so that you have to push the button after landing to initiate the dash. Thanks in advance!

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