How do I make my character fly?

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  • The creature you play as is a Phoenix, but I don't want constant flying or a click to fly. I need it where he glides some above the ground all the time, then you can press a button up to 4 or 5 times to get him to fly up some, before it ends and he comes back down to normal level. This may sound stupid so I apologize, but please.

  • If you want to make a stealing object you will just have to code, the movements high and low and why no Jump to avoid, thus the simplest would be to add one "Balls"("Bullets") behavior and one Platform movement and then to code the pip(top) and down according to touches and jump and speed.

  • Stealing object? What?

    Just use the platform behaviour and apply a -y vector to it when you want to flap. Then check it's y position when you want it to glide and ensure it never goes below this level. You can top this off by lowering gravity, so it falls slower, and give it a constant X movement.

    Alternatively, you can use the custom movement.

    This question is easy and suggests you haven't really tried it out. There's a manual and even a beginner how-to section to avoid pushing the more advanced users questions down.

  • It isn't that I haven't tried, it's that I have a tendency to try stuff alone and then when I try to find answers I'm awful at finding stuff.

  • it is good to seek solutions that's why we brought in .. there are multiple opportunities in C2 to come to render more or less equal , often they match us and we appropriate them as is want

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  • Think of Meta Knight from Super Smash Bros, you can make him fly like 5 times before he falls. I want it to be where you can press up like 3 times, he'll fly/jump 3 times, then fall without being able to stop it.

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  • You need to make a counter. The simplest way to do this would be with an instance variable on your object. It starts at 0. Add a condition so that your "jump" control only works when CounterVariable<4. Whenever you jump, add one to CounterVariable. After you reach 4, you will no longer be able to jump. Then add an event to reset CounterVariable to 0, such as when you land.

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