How do I make my character float or fly smoother?

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  • Hi guys,

    I can't seems to find more on this particular topic around. I think most of the tutorials out there are using the bullet behavior for side scrolling flyer game but the result was the character doesn't float very well. It feels very jagged (can't think of a better word for now) when I attempt to float the character. I tried to play around with the gravity option that came with the bullet behavior as well but to no avail.

    I tried using the custom movement behavior > accelerate > vertically but somehow I couldn't get this to work like the bullet behavior. The bullet behavior was perfect except for the floating part. Is there something that I might have been missing out? Any advises or suggestions??

  • Adding gravity to the bullet will make it slowly curve downwards...

    Try also adding a sine behaviour to the character.

    Let me know if this is what you wanted =D

  • I don't think the sine behavior was what I was looking at. To put it another way, it's hard to maintain the character to fly / float in a straight line currently. Key down = up, key release = down. To fly in a straight line you have to consecutively key down then up and via vice but because the movement for the bullet behavior is jagged, it's hard to float smoothly.

  • Can you post a .capx?

  • Have you checked the "flying along" template that comes with C2? Just go to File -> New and type "flying along" in the search bar.

    It uses the custom movement behavior.

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  • I just figured out the issue! I'm not sure why I didn't thought of this earlier on..

    The problem was because I have set the bullet speed for the up motion to 300+ while the down motion is 200+. So obviously when I keep tapping consecutively to try and float the character, it's not going to float well because the speed for both the up and down motion is different....

    So my new question is.. how do I make use of the touch function to make the game detect when I am tapping consecutively, it would set the bullet speed to match the down motion at 200+?

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